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Astrology and NBA Playoffs

Time for the latest in my Sports Astrology prediction series as the NBA playoffs begin after what has been a strike shortened and very bizarre NBA season. The season has been full of drama and coaching changes and injuries to major players as they crammed a 66 game schedule into a shortened time period.

I made a few errors in my predictions Last year but I think I have put a few more of the pieces together. I will be looking at the charts of some of the key individual players this year as well as the charts of the teams and a few of the coaches.

Normally there is 1 or 2 pretty clear favorites but this year there seems to be more gray area than normal. The Miami Heat have had the best record for much of the season, but they’ve been passed by the Chicago Bulls for Home court advantage in the East even with their star Derrick Rose missing many games due to injuries. Also the Boston Celtics have overcome their age and injuries to post the best record in the second half of the season.

In the West there’s always the Lakers who have upset a lot of their players by trading off a couple key parts from their championship teams, and they don’t have Phil Jackson on the bench anymore. The Spurs led by Tim Duncan and his 3 NBA Championships have catapulted to the top of the Western Conference and hold Home court advantage at this point , but they are a little long in the tooth and injury prone at times.. And then there’s many people’s favorites Oklahoma City who had the best record in the conference for most of the season but have been surpassed by the Spurs late in the season. Not to forget the West usually has at least 1 big upset or surprise team, last year it was the Memphis Grizzlies who have improved their seeding from last year’s playoffs. Who will be the surprise team this year? Let’s see if we can sue Astrology to help us clear up this muddled picture.

Last year the Dallas Mavericks finally beat the Lakers in the playoffs and put their past playoffs collapses behind them. As a reader pointed out to me last year Dirk Nowitzki had an eclipse directly hitting his Natal Sun during the Playoffs thus helping propel them to the championship.

This year we have two eclipse’s happening during the playoffs as well, who does that effe2 quick things to keep in mind here first, an eclipse is not always good, if a player has been playing extremely poorly the last part of the season and then the eclipse hits their Sun ….well ..bad news. The other thing too is that IF someone has a good transit for the Finals or has the eclipse falling favorably on June 4th they must have good enough transits to still be playing on June 4th. Many times I have seen with great transits happening during the Super Bowl or during the NBA Finals but they’re watching it at home because they’re transits stunk the first 2/3rds of the season and they didn’t even make the playoffs.

Well eclipses usually push things in the direction they’re already going , Dirk was hot at the time last year and maybe the eclipse helped pushed them over the top to the title. This year the first eclipse takes place on May 20 th at 0 Gemini and the second one during the playoffs takes place June 4th at 14 Sag. After looking at the coaches charts for the playoff teams it doesn’t seem to make any direct hits at a cursory glance. Nor does the eclipse on June 4th make a direct hit on anyone’s Sun. Since we do not have access to time’s of Birth for all of the players we don’t have access to the exact degree of their Moons’, Ascendants and Mid heavens . However , what we do have is 2 players have the eclipse on May 20th hitting within one degree of their Suns , one in each conference in fact.

So who does the eclipse effect? Tony Parker of the Spurs in the West, and the Spurs have been awesome the second half of the season as their players have been getting healthy.

And in the East .. Kevin Garnett of the Celtics , who have also played great the second half of the season moving from several games back of the 76’ers to winning the Atlantic Division , but will Ray Allen come back from injury in time for the playoff run?

If you’ve read my NHL Stanley Cup Playoff predictions you’ve heard me blathering on about Uranus transiting Saturn. Now I think that Uranus is the planetary ruler of Hockey as sports wise Uranus rules defense and sudden changes, and that’s how you win in Hockey. That being said, I think that Jupiter rules Basketball but just for informational purposes let’s look and see what effect Uranus has in the Playoffs…here’s a few teams, Coaches and players with pertinent Uranus transits right now and let’s see what they do in the first round.


Mike Woodson- Knicks

Larry Drew- Hawks


Chris Bosh- Heat


Spurs [ Transiting Uranus conjunct Saturn ]

Nuggets [Transiting Uranus conjunct Saturn ]

Hawks [ Transiting Uranus conjunct Saturn ]

Pacers [ same ]

So in theory ..what you would expect is the team to maybe not do what you would expect and these teams mentioned will either be upset early or pull an upset or 2 and stay around much longer than expected. Obviously the real wild card here is the Hawks who have Uranus transiting the team and the coaches chart, also they are higher seeded than the their opponent the Celtics but did not win their division as the Celtics did and certainly do not have the tradition and name players the Celtics do, this series and the Lakers Nuggets will be 2 very interesting ones to watch in the first round.

So onto predictions and as always feel free to send me your hate mail if I pick your team to choke.

Warning: Lakers and Celtics fans be aware ..your teams are the most likely to be upset in first round.

Western Conference



Good transits for Spurs they should have lots of energy throughout playoffs , if they don’t get upset in first round of course.


This is a tough one to call..2 very young teams and the both have the eclipse in Sag hitting in both the teams charts if they stay around that long. I ‘ll go Grizzlies because of their playoff experience from last year.


Hard one to pick , both teams have recently direct Mars in Virgo aspecting many planets in their chart. I ‘ll go with the Lakers , but it ain’t going to be easy. Lakers won 3 of 4 in regular season but all were close. I won’t be shocked if Nuggets pull the upset.


Thunder has nice transits, bt defending champs won’t go easily


Spurs over Grizzlies

Thunder over Lakers [ talk about a grudge match after the cheap shot at end of the regular season ]

Western Conference Championship

Thunder over Spurs , but it will be close.I like the Thunder here, Uranus [ youth ] defeats Saturn [ age ] .

Eastern Conference

1st Round

[1] CHICAGO VS [8] 76’ERS

Too much Defense by the Bulls, but their best transits have kinda run their course though.

[4] ATLANTA VS [5] BOSTON –Don’t like anything about predicting this series ..this looks dead even . Hawks have owned Celts in regular season last few years but Boston won 2 of 3 this year. I ‘m taking Celtics in 7 but this will be a nail biter all the way, do not be shocked at all if Hawks win this.

[3] INDIANA VS [6] ORLANDO [ Van Gundy fights for his job , but Pacers pull this one out ]

[2] MIAMI VS [7] KNICKS [ Heat have many good things in their chart , working towards a Jupiter return if they make it to Finals ]


Heat over Pacers

Celtics over Bulls

Eastern Conference Championship

Heat over Celtics

NBA Finals

Heat have Jupiter exactly conjunct their Natal Jupiter at time of Finals, I think they will get a few more lucky bounces. Spurs and Thunder both have good transits and it should go 6 or 7 games.

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