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This NCAA tourney is for the birds ... no, really!

As many had suspected we are a few hours from watching Louisville take the court in search of their third National championship . The Cardinals came into the tournament as the overall no. 1 seed so it’s no shock to see they’ve made it this far however, the journey has not gone exactly as expected. Louisville is the only no. 1 seed to win their region and none of the no. 2’s or 3’s made it this far and there was a no. 9 that actually made it to the final 4.

That being said we’re going to look at a few of the Astrological tidbits that you may have missed in all of the excitement or had no idea about.

Although Astrology can be very complex when trying to figure out the winner of sporting events or elections sometimes things play out very literal. As some of you already know all sports teams have mascots and many of them are animals , also every Sign has rulerships [ things that fall under their domain] and many times you will see the things that fall under that domain being shown favor … especially when you talk about Jupiter in that sign. Example : In 2011 when the Ncaa tournament was happening we had the planet Uranus [ upsets, surprises, shocking events ] early in the sign of Aries and we also had Jupiter [luck , expansion , pop culture trends ] also in the sign of Aries . Now as many of you know the Aries animal totem is the Ram. That year there were 2 teams that were either nicknamed the Rams or had a Ram as a mascot . You had North Carolina [ the Tar Heels , whose mascot is a Ram ] who were a no. 2 seed and thusly should have made it to the elite 8 [ which they did ] .

The other team was the relatively unknown Virginia Commonwealth University [ VCU- the Rams ] who had never done much in the tournament and came in as a no. 11 seed which means they should have made a very early exit. On top of being seeded low they also had to play a “play in” game just to solidify their spot in the field of 68 . So of course they win their play in game and then proceed to upset the no.‘s 6,3,10, and 1 seeds in succession before losing to repeat Final Four team Butler in the National semi’s. So VCU became the 3rd no. 11 seed to make the Final Four since they began seeding the field in 1979 , winning 5 of 6 games and nearly making it to the championship game while North Carolina did not exceed expectations they did go 3-1 and make it to the elite 8. Those were the only 2 teams in the tournament that year with Ram mascots and they went a combined 8-1 and both made it to the final 8 teams. Pretty above average showing for Rams that year.

Fast forward to 2013 . Jupiter is currently in Gemini . Gemini rules Butterflies [ not many sports teams with a ferocious nickname like the butterflies ] and Birds ……Hmmm .. birds. So let’s see …we have no less than 8 teams in this years tournament named after birds. Let’s tally how they did.

First … a quick word on seeding. The skinny is that there are 16 teams [ seeded 1-16 ] in each region plus 4 teams that have to win a play in game . So if the favored team or the team most expected to win were to win every game you would have no.’s 1-8 winning in the first round ..the no. 1-4 seeds winning in the second round no.’s 1-2 winning in the third round.

Okay with my mathematical doufiness out of the way we had the following 8 bird teams make the tournament:

Louisville [ a no. 1 seed ], Creighton [ no.7] , Marquette [no. 3 ], Oregon [ no. 12] , Kansas [no.1 ] , Temple [ no. 9] , Long Island u.@ Brooklyn [ no. 16] and Florida Gulf Coast [no.15] . Long Island Brooklyn was a no. 16 seed and never has a number 16 seed won a game in the Ncaa Tournament outside of the play in round. Regardless there were 8 bird teams seeded 9 or higher and 8 bird teams seeded 8 or lower . All things being normal they should have went 4-4 in their first games. Instead they won 7 and lost only 1.

In the next round [ seeds 1-4 favored to win ] they should have won 3 and lost 4 ..instead they win 5 and lose 2 . Going into tonight’s championship game the game birds have gone 16-7 in this years tournament. We have one team in the National championship game , 2 made the elite 8 . With only 8 of the 68 team field being named after birds we ended up with 5 of the last 12 teams being Bird mascots included Florida Gulf Coast who became only the 7th No. 15 seed to win a game vs. a no. 2 seed and the first no. 15 seed EVER to win in the following round. And no one had ever heard of them because they are only in their 3rd year of Playing Division 1 basketball.

Also, 6 upsets were pulled in the tournament by Birdbearing [ is that even a word ?.... well it is now] teams , 1 of the teams [ Oregon ]got beat by another bird team [ Louisville ] and Marquette [ not originally a bird team but they changed their mascot a few years in back …. Obviously in anticipation of Jupiter being in Gemini this year ..wink wink ] .

Anyway I picked Louisville in most of my brackets from the beginning of the tournament although I did not see Michigan getting this far. However I must say that Michigans’ transits for their team chart , their coaches chart and the chart of their top players is actually slightly better than Louisville’s this will be very close . Don’t be surprised if there’s an upset. The Cardinals are favoured by 4 , take the Wolverins and the points.


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