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Astrology and MLB: Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter is direct and now moving forward and currently sits at 12 Leo. An interesting note in MLB is that the Houston Astros currently sit atop the AL West at 8-7 and the NY Mets sit atop the NL East at 13-3 with an 11 game winning streak currently. These 2 teams have almost the exact same charts with a fixed Grand Square . Both teams have their North Node at 14 Leo, Neptune at 12 Scorpio, Saturn at 10 Aquarius and Venus at 8 and 9 Taurus . Transiting Jupiter is igniting this Grand Square in their charts as well as forming a trine to their Mercury at 14 Aries.

The Astros have not won more than 70 games the last 4 seasons, including 3 seasons where they lost over 100 games and have not had a winning season since 2008. The Mets last winning season was also 2008 . In said 2008 season the North Node was traveling through the middle degrees of Aquarius which was also activating this Grand Square in both of their charts.


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