Astrology and NFL

I know many of you may not follow sports but this is a good illustration of how connection points work in Astrology :The city of Philadelphia has it's Sun at 15 degrees Scorpio, The Philadelphia Eagles have Mercury at 13 degrees Scorpio [ Mercury rules Quarterbacks in football] in their team chart.The current coach of the Eagles is Chip Kelly who has Neptune at 16 Scorpio. Their Quarterback last year was Nick Foles [ Pluto 14 Scorpio] , they finished the season with current backup Mark Sanchez at QB [ Sun 18 Scorpio]. They wanted to trade up to draft QB Marcus Mariotta in the draft [ Mars 22 Scorpio, Sun 7 Scorpio] but weren't able to. So they instead have gone with Sam Bradford at QB this year [ Sun 15 Scorpio, Pluto 10 Scorpio ]. The player widely recognized as the best QB in Eagles history is Randall Cunningham [ Neptune 15 Scorpio]. And that is just a small illustration of how connection points work in Astrology.


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