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2012 key Astrological dates

What’s the point of procrasting if you can’t be late on things …that being said, here’s the forecast for the last 75% of 2012. I wanted to let things shake out a bit first but I’ve got a list here of the most pertinent dates and periods for the rest of this year and I ‘m going to give you a little run down of each now. As additional things develop and as some of these dates get closer I will add additional info to some of these . These are not the only things happening this year but I think I have picked out what will be the most ….ummmm…. entertaining… periods of this year. Okay enough foreshadowing already, this isn’t Film class after all.

First I will touch on the first couple things that happened in the first quarter of the year that you may have felt but didn’t realize what was happening with all of the other stuff going on. We had Mars in it’s very long [ 8 month ] transit of Virgo going retrograde on January 23rd . This has been the jump in the increase of irritation and frustration you have seen in the people around you the last few months. And on February 4th we saw Neptune go into the sign it rules , Pisces, and this was the start of the 14 year cycle which so far raised everyone’s intuition ,psychic abilities , intuition and weepiness in the last 2 months. Neptune helps us get in touch with our spiritual side and be more natural and be more in touch with everything that shares this planet with us and these are good things.

We have 2 different sets of things happening in our universe right now. 1] We are seeing the destruction and overthrow of things that are no longer useful . 2. We are getting back in touch with who we are supposed to be. These may seem unrelated but things often have to be taken away to make room for new better things to come into our lives. So this is where we are as of Early April 2012 on Planet Earth. Things are speeding up as I ‘m sure you’ve all noticed and we are in a time of progressed evolution as we shed all the old parts of ourselves and it almost feels like we are living in “ real time” now when we can imagine things and see them come into fruition almost immediately.

These are the next steps in our evolution:

• Apr. 10 Pluto retrograde at 9 Capricorn

Pluto rules our souls evolution and also it’s about death, rebirth and transformation. when a planet stations it’s effects are more powerful ,on these days we often see life changing events on the news as people , governments ,currencies and even sometimes the Earth itself transforms.

• Apr. 13 Mars direct at 3 Virgo

Mars is the lower octave of Pluto and Mars is how we evolve through our physical body. Mars is about energy , anger, aggression and instinctual behavior.

When 2 powerful planets like this station in the same week it should make for some very interesting news headlines. These 2 stations will most likely play out 1 of 2 ways with most people. Either there will be a great release of pressure or there will be a great culmination of frustration for what’s been boiling since January 23rd when Mars went retrograde.

• Jun.3 Neptune retrograde at 3 pisces

Whenever Neptune makes a station it is sleepy time for everyone and we are all asked to get in touch with our intuition and our dream life. People will also feel more emotional and sympathetic than normal. Also during this week there is Jupiter wrapping up its year long stay in Taurus and the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all conjunct in Gemini , with Venus being retrograde as it does every 18 months or so. I would expect this to be the best feeling week of the year with the heavy Neptune and Venus influence and the social butterfly effect of Gemini.

• Jun. 11 Jupiter enters Gemini

Jupiter enters Gemini for the beginning of its year long stay there. People will become information gatherers on a grand scale.

• Jun. 24 Uranus square Pluto at 8 Aries Capricorn

When these 2 square up as they will be several times over the next few years there is Revolution in the Air as the power structures come under attack.

• Jun. 25 Saturn direct at 22 Libra

Saturn turns direct and this usually makes everyone feel very work orientated and disciplined …and probably guilty too. As Saturn moves forward again we can start putting forward those plans we’ve been working on internally since early February.

• July 12. Uranus retro at 8 Aries

Uranus station...time to feel some freedom and Independence.

July 17-21

Cardinal Grand Cross with a Muteable t-square followed by a Muteable Grand Cross and a Cardinal t-square. I will be posting much ,much more on these configurations as this is where he action is.

• Sep. 17 Pluto direct at 6 Capricorn

Intensity here as always with a Pluto station. There will be the death, transformation, rebirth theme in the news stories today.

• Sep. 19 Uranus square Pluto at 7 Aries Capricorn

Square dancing again [ ouch , that was bad ] look for more Revolutions and economies tumbling in the news today.

• Oct. 5 Saturn enters Scorpio

Ahhh, the big clamp down. If you are looking for big things to happen on 12/21/12 you should be looking at this date instead. The powers that be are.

Nov.6th Election day – 4 years ago we had Uranus opposite Saturn and Uranus was the big winner. This year we have Saturn newly into Scorpio and we’re just a few days short of a Neptune station. It should be interesting.

• Nov. 10 Neptune direct at zero Pisces

Sleepy time the sequal , everyone is ready to zone out after the Presidential Election is over. This is time to move forward with all those plans you’ve been dreaming up while Neptune was retrograde.

• Nov. 29 Mars conjunct Pluto at 8 Capricorn

Anger and explosiveness rules here, be nice to your relatives at Thanksgiving , even though there may be more family power struggles and resentments than usual.

• Dec. 12 Uranus direct at 4 Aries

Uranus station again…There are often large Earthquakes and other disasters on days when Uranus stations , don’t listen to the panic of 12/21 that will probably be flying around. This isn’t the precursor to the end of the world it’s just another Uranus station.

• Dec. 21 Winter Solstice - The End of the Mayan Calendar

We will still exist on December 22nd.

• Dec. 21 Yod at 9 degrees is Saturn in Scorpio ,Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Gemini.

How about that, not only are not going to die, there is actually a pretty nice configuration that day.

So that’s the cliff notes version of 2012 but I will be posting much more on and around some of these key dates I’ve mentioned.

Take care everyone.

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